Panasonic 3D Production Workshop


Panasonic 3D Production Workshop

3D Production Workshop featuring Panasonic 3D Technology 

A practical, hands-on workshop that shows you how 3D technology can be accessible and affordable.

3D technology is rapidly spreading beyond big-screen blockbusters at the multiplex.  As 3D technology becomes more accessible and mainstream, there is a tremendous opportunity to create immersive content for a wide variety of educational and informational applications. Createasphere is putting the technology in your hands at a 3D Workshop that will feature Panasonic 3D Camcorders and Panasonic cameras in 3D production rigs. This intensive two-day workshop will be the first in the industry to address acquisition and workflow with a fixed 3D camcorder and 3D rigs fitted with high-end digital cameras. Attendees will get an overview of 3D technology and discover what equipment options are available. Hands-on camera labs will put students behind the lens as they create and screen their own 3D content with guidance from industry experts. This workshop will give valuable tips and practical knowledge that can help you start building 3D content immediately.

Topics Covered at the Workshop:

  • Overview of 3D – convergence, role of the Stereographer, history of 3D
  • 3D Choices on set - camcorder and rig options
  • Hands on Camera Lab – students will shoot with the Panasonic 3D camera and participate in mentored shoots with 3D rigs
  • Screening of camera lab footage
  • 3D Post Workflow options
  • Onset viewing options
  • Do & Don’t of 3D with hands on assignments to demo

3D content is no longer just for high-end cinema. Products like the Panasonic 3D Camcorder are putting the technology in the hands of content creators across a wide spectrum of industries including education, government, documentary and independent filmmaking, houses of worship, retail, and more. The Createasphere 3D Production Workshop will put you behind the lens and into the increasingly accessible world of 3D as you learn to capture and screen content using the Panasonic 3D camcorder and 3D rigs fitted with high-end digital cameras.  Discover the best methods to view 3D content on-set and learn best practices for post workflow.  This workshop will give you practical tips and guidance from 3D technology experts as you learn how to bring your 3D content to life.

Sounds great to me. I've taken training courses through Createasphere in the past and they were excellent. See you guys there.