3D Phantom Flex Tease

3D Phantom Flex Tease

Individually; I love high speed videography, macro photography, and 3D. For the past year or so I've been wondering what sort of visual sensation one could achieve by shooting super slow motion in 3D at the macro level. Ben Schwartz and I just did a job with Director/DP Ben Dolphin where we got to do just that and really push 3D in new and interesting ways. The results will speak for themselves but I can say with confidence that will be an incredible effect. I'll also disclaim that we're the first ones to try this but I think what the director did was very unique. 

The rig was 2 Phantom Flexes in an ET Quasar. Running the 2 cameras in sync was actually fairly straightforward and I'll go over the workflow on this site at some point. As always with Phantom, post is an intensive process so it will be awhile before we're able to see these spots. If and when I'm able to, I'll definitely be posting some side by side video here for your web consumption. The Passive 3D LGTV has made viewing stereo from the web incredibly easy so I'm pleased that little by little, web distro for these projects is becoming a reality. 


Most of our shots were at 1000 fps on Macro Lenses stopped way down to create as deep focus as possible. And with a skinny shutter going through a beam splitter so as you might imagine, this required some firepower. The shots were mostly liquids involving waves, splashing, and bubbles. Once completed, the effect will be drops of water slowly moving towards your face. Awesome! 


Patiently awaiting a screening..