Site Relaunch

Site Relaunch

It took awhile but I've finally untangled the CSS mess that my last developer made for me. A few months later, some DIY elbow grease and a new site has arisen from the ashes of the old one. Refocused and retooled with a new mission. 

This project began as a Blogspot site called "HD Cinema" back in 2007 when the industry was rapidly transitioning from film acquisition to digital. In those days the focus was on tape-based HD and the transitional technology between traditional ENG videography and digital cinema. After the paradigm shifted, the blog existed for several years as "," then more focused on DIT-centric topics such as on-set monitoring, color science, and digital dailies.

In this latest incarnation I've expanded it to encompass all technical aspects of the entire photographic and filmmaking process — from capture, to securing and moving around mountains of data, and then taking it all the way through post production to its final state as a consumable media product.

Shoot >

Scene is captured with camera or camera-like device. For now at least..

Data >

Camera device gathers photons which are converted to electrons, converted to analog voltage, amplified and then finally converted to recordable digital data, often in massive quantity, which must then be effectively dealt with. 


Data must be processed into viewable images by some sort of software. Digital images generally fall within two camps — one for viewing and one for making other images. More intermediary steps and more people involved in this process means larger and more complex post production pipelines. 

Thank you for continuing to read my site! New content is close behind. If you're looking for my photography and travel writing, that work now lives here.