The New iPad's Color Gamut

The New iPad's Color Gamut

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The above graph refers to the color space as "Standard" but the coordinates confirm it is Rec. 709 (1976 CIE Uniform Chromacity) -


The Retina hi-res display on the new iPad is by far its strongest selling point and I'm thrilled to see that it lines up quite closely with Rec. 709. This is of course fantastic as production dailies for big shows are now primarily being delivered online for viewing on personal computers and tablets. If the iPad is in fact fairly well "calibrated" right out of the box then it can be recommended with assurance to concerned parties that it's an accurate viewing medium; that what the viewer sees on it looks like it's supposed to look. There's a certain uniformity inherent to the new iPad that is a potential godsend to those concerned with closing the imaging gap between set, post, and the end viewer. While it doesn't conform 100% to 709, it's close enough that we can work with it confidently. And it helps me mentally justify the expense of buying another pricey item I really don't need at all!

Thanks for posting, Andy.