Firmware Upgrade for LG 3DTV's

Firmware Upgrade for LG 3DTV's

I'm firmly in the passive 3D viewing system camp. Usually the argument for why an active viewing system is better is because you get true HD resolution in both eyes. Of course in practice, at 120 or 240Hz, the brain does an excellent job on its own of fusing full resolution HD from 2 half resolution images. LG being the world's largest purveyor of Passive 3D displays has done something interesting to further its case for the advantage of the viewing system - doubled the perceived resolution on their Passive 3DTV's.


LG recently made an update to the 3D algorithm that is used to create 3D pictures with its LG CINEMA 3D TV sets. According to LG this update improves 3D picture quality and 3D resolution. LG’s Cinema 3D uses a passive 3D technology based on cheap polarized 3D glasses (the same as in RealD movie theaters). Most 3D TVs on the market today utilize active 3D with expensive 3D glasses (around 100-150 $). The downside to passive 3D is that 3D resolution is lower, but now thanks to a clever use of its high frequency refresh rate, LG Cinema 3D screens are able to reach the same quality level.


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on 2012-03-12 00:21 by Ben Cain

On the topic of 3D, I just saw John Carter in IMAX 3D. If this is as good as stereo conversions get, then they had better just give up. It doesn't work. I'd rather watch my movie in 2D than be subjected to 2 hours of something that looks like a children's pop up book. As for the film itself, imagine Krull with a budget of a 1/4 billion dollars and you're there. 


But without the kitschy charm.