Scratch Lab by Assimilate


Scratch Lab by Assimilate

I've been demo-ing Scratch Lab by Assimilate - very smart, very slick software for the creation of on-set deliverables. It's interesting because there are a lot of tools available now for transcoding raw or uncorrected camera media into great looking, synced up files ready to go for the editor or whoever else needs them. Among these workflow options we run the price gamut from free to moderately expensive to extremely expensive and all of them basically do the same thing but with varying degrees of efficiency and economy. I think the versatility of Scratch Lab, while certainly an investment at 6000 USD, is appropriately priced in relation to the other available solutions. This software really was designed with the on-set colorist in mind and can accomodate any sort of workflow and can output just about any flavor of file you would ever be asked for. And it's fast. I've been rendering 23.98 Alexa ProRes4444 to Avid DNx36 with LUT bake-in and audio at faster than realtime (30-40 frames per second) on a MacBook Pro. Doing the same thing with Resolve Lite seems to average at about half this speed, 20-25 frames per second. I'll be using Scratch Lab on a tower next week so will report back with numbers. There is a bit of learning curve with this software but Assimilate has a great online knowledge base at, video tutorials, and actual human beings you can talk with on the phone if you have a problem! Helpful people like Sherif Sadek, New York City "Assimilator"; point person for all things Scratch.

If you're in the east coast market and would like a Scratch demo, please contact Sherif -


on 2012-03-01 03:37 by Ben Cain

I've been "assimilated" into the Scratch fold. Now offering on-set dailies and file generation with Scratch Lab as a service.