Ki Pro Mini Update

Ki Pro Mini Update

And the verdict is.... Very Buggy!

AJA, please fix the following:

-Hot swap media. You shouldn't have to reboot for it to recognize a new card. Every time the deck reloads, there's a minute or two of downtime to reboot and then format the new media.

-Genlock issues. It has a hard time locking to the input sometimes even when you go into the menus and tell it to "lock to input". It also doesn't like interlaced material and sometimes can't get it into phase. 23.98 psf seems to be the most reliable format to feed into it. 

-Encode errors and occassional corrupt clips. I'm using CF cards from AJA's list of tested and confirmed manufacturers and still on occassion, I get a dead clip. The file is there, the size is correct, but it simply won't open in Quicktime or any Quicktime based app such as FCP.

-Crashes occassionally requiring hard reboot, ie, pulling the plug. 

-The deck gets very hot. I wonder if some of the card related errors I've had aren't related to this because the CF cards are piping hot when the come out. Something like this is beyond the scope of firmware but it doesn't hurt to turn the Ki Mini off for awhile every now and again. If you can.