Hands-on with the Epic

Hands-on with the Epic

First - more camera porn. This thing just looks way too cool. 


I'm looking at these R3D's and they're just gorgeous. I'm hoping to post some actual footage in the next few weeks but for now here are a few stills.

Keep in mind these were shot at T3, 48fps, 180 shutter, in super low light. It's a pretty remarkable picture considering a slow lens and a short exposure. Processing the R3D's in RedCine-X 416, I chose the new RedColor2 colorspace which renders very nice skintones without much tweaking. For gamma, RedLog is fantastic because it opens up every last bit of picture information that's there. I've gotten into a Log mindset lately so I found the combination of RedColor2 and RedLog to be a great place to start grading in 3cP. ISO is a flexible thing with RED and it's always a matter of how much noise you can live with. For these shots, I found ISO 800 to be acceptable.

Please note you're looking at compressed jpeg's here. I would invite anyone with a critical eye to reserve judgement until the video goes live. 

The location was Attic Studios, a big gorgeous daylight space in Long Island City where we were shooting stills and testing some equipment. The EPIC portion of the shoot was a bit of surprise for me as the camera suddenly appeared on-set. They very graciously allowed me to play so I shot a little Behind the Scenes. The model is the lovely Andrea Grant

Special thanks to B2Pro and RED Digital Cinema

The top images are my preliminary grade and the bottom are the log encoded exports from RedCine-X.


Standby for some vid!