Pomfort LiveGrade Beta

Pomfort LiveGrade Beta

You can download this for free and get involved in Pomfort's beta program for realtime color correction of video signals via a HDLink Pro. 

Here's the link >>>


It's a nice interface and I love the 3 Wheel controls and the ability to shape an actual curve. As of now, the video signal does some very weird things when interfacing with this software and there aren't any menus or advanced functionality for troubleshooting. I feel like there's a lot missing in this current build. 

But - what happens looks so awesomely psychedelic, I could stare at it for hours!

This is what's happening in the HDLink when the software is running - 


I'm looking forward to trying LiveGrade out once it's a little further along. The software seems to emphasize its use for creating looks to be loaded into the Alexa which is interesting because I don't know anyone working with the camera this way. I've experimented with doing this in the Arri Look Creator and really haven't found a practical application for it. LiveGrade also exports some kind of mystery LUT - Dimensions? Format? Not sure.


on 2012-01-04 04:47 by Ben Cain

LATEST VERSION of LiveGrade has fixed the pyschedelic colorspace issue. Video sent through a LiveGrade enabled HDLink Pro responds correctly according to adjustment. However the exported 3D LUT's are inverted when loaded into Resolve and other LUT application software. When a colorspace is inverted usually red, brown, and skintones become blue and blue becomes reddish brown.

Pomfort has been incredibly responsive regarding improvements and are working fast with beta testers to add desired functionality and offer more information into how the software works. 


on 2012-01-04 04:44 by Ben Cain

A "Resolve LUT" export option has been added to the Beta Version. Will test when I'm back in NY later this month. 


on 2012-01-20 05:06 by Ben Cain

LiveGrade is coming along!

New features being added to beta -

- adding new "Linear" clear button

- lut export for Resolve, Lustre, Baselight, Iridas, Blackmagic

- Fix reverse midtone sliders

- legal and extended settings per device, minor related fix for Alexa Look color processing

- device manager for associating devices and device slots

- device labels

- fixed lut export precision

- export of LUTs and Alexa LUTs for current grade and selected grade