Broadway Bomb 2011

Broadway Bomb 2011

I don't know how or why, but after a 15 year hiatus, I've suddenly gotten back into skateboarding in a big way. Longboarding in particular is a very unique and multi-faceted sport and the "Push Culture" that's grown around it is fascinating. The speed and control these guys have is unbelievable.

Which leads me to a NYC longboarding tradition that happens every year in early October - The Broadway Bomb - a 9 mile totally unsanctioned, unauthorized skateboard event that more resembles a flash mob than a race. It starts at 116th and Broadway and ends at the Bull Statue down on Wall St @ Broadway. Some of the fastest racers can get down there in about 30 minutes which is pretty mindblowing considering traffic, pedestrians, and cops. 

I was hoping to do the race myself this year but an unfortunate knee injury still has me limping around so wasn't able to do it. Instead, I was there shooting stills and a little video with a Canon 5D Mark 2. This was the last time I'll ever shoot video with a SLR. At this point, I have zero interest in fighting the ergonomics of these cameras, horrendous compression, and shutter issues. It's just not worth it to me when there are now so many other great options available. I've sold my Mark 2 package so I can't even be tempted or forced to out of necessity. When a music video, docu shoot, or something similar comes my way, we'll rent a F3 or FS-100. That's just the way it's gotta be!

So here are some images from the 2011 Broadway Bomb. I have a good sense of it now and I think next year I'd like to try and cover the event in 3D properly with cameras every 20 blocks or so and numerous 3D GoPro's on riders. It's a very fast, kinetic, and upredictable event which is prime subject matter for 3D. 

Start Line - The riders congregate at the park @ Riverside and 116 which is 1 block from the official start line. This year there were about 1,300 riders present which is about twice as many as last year and the trend has seen attendance double every year since it's started in 2005. When "GO" is called the riders run over to Broadway and start the bomb in a flash mob resembling the Running of the Bulls in Spain. 

I caught up with the Bomb at 42nd st, Canal, and then down at the Finish Line. The riders can get through the city faster than the Subway can and by the time I made it all the way down, the first big wave of really fast riders had already finished.

All and all, it's a very cool, very NY-centric event. 


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