SmallHD - DP-SLR 5.6" SDI/HDMI Monitor

Small HD DP-SLR 5.6" HD-SDI/HDMI Monitor

A reader clued me in to this upcoming device from SmallHD and now has just posted a nice vid on it that's worth sharing. It looks like a pretty versatile little product indeed that could be used comfortably on just about any kind of camera. 

I've used the SmallHD 9" Monitor which I felt was quite a nice display though a little large to be used as an on-board. The specs on the upcoming DP-SLR are pretty remarkable but there's at least a 75 day window between the time you pre-order and when the product is actually delivered. That's kind of a bummer but I guess a tiny SDI display is worth the wait. I'd like to see one on a shoot first before dropping the $1200 + for the kit though.