The Hurt Locker


The Hurt Locker 

I'm so happy this film got the accolades it deserves. It really is exquisite and uncompromising independent filmmaking. It also might be the first movie shot on Super 16 to win Best Picture. Anyone know? I can't think of any other.

The fact that this low budget film shot on old school Super 16mm using Aaton cameras went up against the mighty, state of the art Avatar and blew it away in all categories is a testament to its rock solid storytelling and pertinent message. The irony is even deeper when you factor in these two filmmakers were once married to each other. What are the odds?

I think Super 16 was the right medium for the story and Barry Ackroyd, BSC's work was first rate. It had a bit of a raw edge to it that was appropriate and also there were some very intimate angles that were the work of the A-Minima. That little camera is incredible. The mags are a bitch to load but you can put it on a book case or in a cupboard and get shots that you just can't get with other cameras. I really miss working with 16 so if any producer happens to be reading this and has a film shoot coming up, please keep me in mind ;)

The Hurt Locker: Technical Specs (from ASC, July 2009)

Super 16mm and HD Video

Super 16mm: Aaton XTR-Prod, A-Minima

HD: Phantom HD

Canon Lenses

Fuji Eterna 250D 8663, 500T 8673

Digital Intermediate

Printed on Kodak Vision 2383