Panavision Dynamax-35 ULTRA Video Sensor


Panavision Dynamax-35 ULTRA Video Sensor

The DYNAMAX-35 sensor is a multimode video sensor capable of operating up to 120 frames-per-second at 6x HDTV resolution and 30 frames-per-second at full resolution of ~37 Mega-Pixel. The DYNAMAX-35 is designed to capture high quality, low noise video, while consuming a modest power of 4W typical.

-High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video

-Oversampled Video

-37 Mega-pixel

-120 frames per second

-Key Features:

  • LVDS ports capable of operating at a speed of 330MHZ
  • Several modes of readout
  • Very High Gain
  • 18x HDTV full resolution
  • Low fixed pattern noise (FPN)
  • 60db dynamic range in Normal mode
  • Distributed Analog to Digital Converter
  • XtremePIX sensor technology
  • 3.3v Analog and 3.3v/1.8v Digital core
  • Pb-free package

Be sure to read the product brief for additional details.

The specs are pretty insane. To my knowledge there has been no official announcement of the Dynamax-35 and no one is talking about it in the blogosphere. Even as long as 3 years ago I had heard about a new Panavision digital camera in development. Could this be what's going into Genesis Part Deux?

This is what I'm talking about when I say that the market is now in the driver's seat. All the vendors want to stay in the game. Everyone wants to make the best solution and have their gear on every set around the world.

Hey Panasonic, where are you?