Introducing Key Light for iPhone / iPod Touch


Introducing Key Light for iPhone / iPod Touch

Key Light Exposure Calculator is a tool for filmmakers useful in determining how much incident light is necessary at various combinations of Frame Rate, T stop (Aperture), ISO (Sensitivity), and Exposure Time (Shutter Speed / Shutter Angle).

Key Light determines its results using established photographic formulae to find the appropriate exposure parameters. Resulting Incident Key Light is the amount of light required to correctly expose for an 18% Reflectance Gray Card.

Designed with High Frame Rate Videography in mind, use Key Light to help you determine how much light is required to make correct exposures at very high frame rates and short exposure times. Also useful for low light and high ISO photography in determining if available light will be sufficient. 

~ This app is not a light meter and does not measure light ~

-Switchable between Footcandles and Lux

-ISO Range 3 - 102400

-T Stop Range f/.7 – f/64 in 1/3 stop 

-Includes Shutter Converter Utility for determining equivalent Exposure Times and Shutter Angles at any Frame Rate

-Includes list of Footcandle Values for Common Lighting Situations


Key Light Exposure Calculator available on iTunes / App Store for 2.99 USD

Key Light is Negative Spaces first foray into App design. Please use this sticky post to leave comments on all things Key Light related. Only with user feedback can we make this a really great tool so please don't be shy.