Mysterium-X.. mental!


Mysterium-X.. mental!

This frame grab is from test footage Off Hollywood did with their new MX upgraded RED One's.

ISO 1600 in available light processed in Red Cine X. No noise reduction.

(it's a big file so be patient)

Based off what I've seen so far, I'm a little speechless to be honest. Being able to shoot in available light like this has vast implications. And in an affordable camera system.

I was looking at some of my blog posts from this time 2 years ago and I'm just shocked at where we are technology wise after only a few years. About this time in 2008, the HPX170 and HVX200A had recently come out and everyone was stoked about them. RED was just getting its sea legs. I think it was NAB 2007 where they showed the first real footage from the camera, Peter Jackson's short film, Crossing the Line. That's only 3 years ago.

Today in 2010 with RED's Mysterium-X, 1080 video in SLR's, and not to mention all the other incredible new technologies like the Weisscam HS-2, Sony SRW-9000, and modern 3D.. Cameras from a few years ago seem like they're from a bygone era. It's nuts. The DVX100 came out when I was in my last year of film school. Prior to that we had the VX2000 and.. gasp. Film. I bought the DVX100A in 2004 and sold it in 2008 even though I was still shooting on it quite a bit then. Here we are in 2010 and one can only wonder what the next few years is going to look like. I've heard rumblings about a Canon RAW video codec in an external recorder..