HDSLR Production Package Rental in NYC

HDSLR Production Package Rental in NYC

I have a multi cam SLR shoot coming up and I'm having a very hard time finding a one stop shop for an entire HDSLR shooting package here in the city. My usual go to guys have this but don't have that. There are so many cool new ways of moving these tiny cameras and none of my main rental houses have them. 

A lot of this stuff is made by Kessler - Pocket Dolly, Cine Slider, Pocket Jib, etc.

The DP Slider looks pretty cool too.

As of now, it looks like I'm going be putting this equipment package together from 4 different rental houses. It's not even that complicated - 2x Mark II's, Zacuto Support w/ Z-Finders and Follow Focus, lightweight fluid head sticks, a handful of lenses (I need another 24-105 IS and none of the cine houses carry that lens), field HDMI to SDI kit, a small slider option, and a light weight dolly with curved track like the Indie Dolly. There is not one single rental house in NYC that has every item on my list. That means 4 separate COI's. Huge pain in the ass. You'd think someone would have saw this niche and dove in head first. Doesn't seem like it.


Maybe there's an owner/operator out there who has all this stuff?

I've been thinking about creating a site that would basically be a listing of all NYC owner / operators with their inventories and rates but it would just be way too much time and maintenance. Between work, this site, and other endeavors, I've already got enough to do. It would be a fantastic resources though. If anyone knows of an existing owner/op listing site out there, please let me know. Or if someone wants to collaborate on it and absorb some of the cost and time, I'd be interested in talking.