3cP on sale

3cP on sale

I've had my eye on the 3cP Color Correction Software for quite awhile but honestly the only thing standing in the way has been the price tag, $3000 for the pro version. As of now through January 5th, Gamma & Density are offering 30% off of all versions of the software and throwing in the Rec709 calibration chart ($400) for free. Those are some decent savings so I just picked up a license and I'm excited to start working with this high-end set of color management and correction, file generation, and data management tools. The discount is fantastic but what really sealed the deal for me was the HDlink Pro / Matrox MX02 workflow for real time color correction over HD-SDI outlined in this video.


Watch it >>>

I already own all this equipment so for me this is the perfect workflow ;) The color correction is happening live as RGB parameters are adjusted so there's no need to load the look to the monitor or any of the other steps that are involved with a similar workflow involving much more expensive equipment. Attach a Ki Pro Mini, Cinedeck, or Nano Flash at the other end of that HDlink Pro and you have color corrected dailies that the production can walk home with at the end of the day.

Here's some more info from the mailer -

3cP - SET + POST Version 4.1.2 Software

Now has complete Arri Alexa support in addition to support for:

RED MX, Canon DSLRs, Arri D-21, P2, XDcam, Genesis, Sony F35, SI2K, Phantom

3cP works with data from any file-based camera, including the new Arri Alexa, the RED MX Sensor and Canon DSLRs and—with additional codec software—Vision Research Phantom high-speed .cine files and Arri Alexa + D-21 RAW files, and P2 compatible. 3cP also supports footage from Panasonic, Sony, Panavision, Viper and Silicon Imaging digital cameras.

Current 3cP 4.1.2 Features:

- Enhanced support for the RED One:

- Supports the RED Mysterium-X sensor

- Supports FLUT and Shadow controls

- Supports both new and old color science

- New ability to generate Nucoda-style 3D LUTs

- Enhanced P2 file handling

- Improved video capture file handling

- Improved batch rendering utilities

- Support for the RED Rocket Transcoding

- Data management

- Color Correction

- Live Color Correction via HDlink Pro

- File Generation

- Syncing Audio and much more!

New 3cP 4.1.2 Upgrades:

NEW! - Support for the Arri Alexa:

- Supports data management for the SxS ProRes workflow. Back up and verify the Alexa's ProRes footage

- Adds import from Alexa media

- Adds support for color correction of Alexa footage from the ProRes, Arri Raw* and captured SDI output 

- Adds support for syncing of Alexa ProRes files and BWF audio files

- Generate synced color corrected footage directly from 3cP

NEW! - Enhanced support for the RED MX: 

- Updated to use latest RED SDK

- Supports RMD files as well as RSX 

NEW! - 3cP "Looks" Package included in all versions. 

- Apply looks like Bleach Bypass, Horror looks, Classic Looks, etc to any type of footage with a click of a button!

NEW! - Enhanced support for the Canon DSLR line: 60D, 550D, etc