Glyph Triplicator

Glyph Triplicator

Just got wind of this but haven't had a chance to try it out. 


This device mounts on your desktop as one drive while simultaneously downloading to up to 3 external destinations at the same speed if it were one. Amazing hardware driven technology. As boring as it is, data management is now a big part of the job and a product like this theoretically makes the process a little less painless. We'll see..

400 USD from B&H which is reasonable enough to try it out and if it's a bust - eBay!

btw Glyph Technologies is a great company based out of Ithaca, NY who really understands the modern data-centric video workflow. If you're going to buy drives, buy Glyph!


on 2011-02-08 14:53 by Ben Cain

My Triplicator has received the "drive re-mount" firmware upgrade and it now functions as one would want it to - you can easily start a triplicator set, put it away, and then use it again without losing any data. It's fantastic. The time savings are enormous. I'll be doing a separate post later this week.


on 2010-11-02 02:42 by Ben Cain

Just picked up my pre-production Triplicator. It even has some cautionary text on the box - "Confidential: To be opened by the extremely savvy early adopter only." NERD alert. Will let you know if the thing does what it claims to do. I'm way too excited about this.. it's a sign. 


on 2010-11-02 23:21 by Ben Cain

So the Triplicator that I have is definitely the "early adopter" model. I'm willing to give the product a chance as the vendor I purchased it from assured me that firmware is in development that will address the issues I'm having. The functionality is a bit odd and counter-intuitive to how most people would want to use a product like this. 

I'll reserve judgment until the thing is out of Beta but just so you know - here's the rub - and this isn't something on the Glyph website. If it were, i probably wouldn't have bought it. 

The thing needs to re-intialize whatever drives are attached to it upon power cycling. So if you download some shots in the morning and then you have to power down for whatever reason (company move, etc), in order to download to those drives again via The Triplicator it first has to initialize them, i.e. delete the entire contents. Nice. Scratching my head about this.. when have you ever only done one download per day? Supposedly the ability to re-mount drives without re-formatting them is in the works. I certainly hope so or else this thing has a date with eBay.