Or actually, Createasphere, as it's now known as.

I'm heading to the New Yorker Hotel right now to attend this year's conference. It's going to be a jam packed day and if my brain isn't too overwhelmed I'll be sure to do some live blogging. I'm especially excited to take Gamma & Density's Color Management and Data Workflow Workshop. Here's the write-up:

3cP - Gamma & Density Co.'s Cinematographers and DIT's Data Management and Color Correction Program which also allows the production of dailies on-the-set Digital Image Management for Arri, Panasonic, Panavision, Red, Viper, Canon Cameras and Silicon Imaging Digital Cameras.

Attendees will leave with a practical understanding of data-based image capture, data management, image and color management throughout the production/post- production process, how to communicate color and "look" information to post-production, and how to smoothly move and transform the large volumes of image data from the raw camera capture through dailies to editorial and on to final delivery.

Gamma & Density Co. (www.gammadensity.com) is a pioneering world known company specializing in manufacturing and management of digital and film cameras workflows, tools and applications for cinematographers, helping them to preserve and manage the uniqueness of their vision technically and artistically. The seminar will be conducted by the Gamma & Density Co. Team.

Topics to be discussed and hands-on demonstrated are:

Data and Color management and on-set color control via Gamma & Density's 3cP fully integrated into workflow
Data Management (From CF card to drive – Back Up – Import [RED files])
Color Consistency throughout the pipeline
GD Charts
Live on set color corrected previewing
Accurate color representation from ingestion to final projection
Communicating with Post
CDLs and LUTs
File Generation

Pretty cool right? I'll let you know how it goes.