Lumiere 4K Digital Motion Picture Camera (Japan)


Lumiere 4K Digital Motion Picture Camera (Japan)

"Lumiere is a new 4K digital camera system of 60 frames per second (fps) x 4096 x 2048 pixels 12bit raw images. This is a PCI Express external cabling based digital camera and the data rate is over 700MByte per second."

And if you care to read more..... in Japanese >>>

A reader brought this to my attention and I wanted to share and see if anyone out there has any more information on this. Looks interesting.

Here are the basic specs:


60fps raw 12bit data

PCIe x4 external calling technology

Non compressed raw image data into main memory directly

External frame synchronize

Data capturing SDK

Image resolution: max4096x2048 pixels

Frame rate: 60fps, 60x1000/1001fps

Weight: 1250g

Image sensor: customized CMOS sensor, rolling shutter

Output format: RAW12bit (in PC memory)

Power supply 12V (supply from PC)

External frame sync: format 480i, 480p, 1080i, 1080p

input signal : CVBS, S-VIDEO (bi-level, tri-level sync)

Lens mount: Nikon F mount

GPIO signals: inputs 4ch, outputs 4ch (opto isolated)

connector: 12bins (HR25-9TR12S)

Interface: PCIe x4 external cabling

Power supply: 12V (supply from PC)

Power consumption: Approximately 24W

Dimensions: 114mm (width) x 114m m (hight) x 164mm (length)

I remember hearing about another digital cinema prototype camera recently, it was German I think, and yellow. Maybe the "Egg"? I can't remember where I read about that and I didn't think to keep a link. If anyone knows anything about that too, let me know.

Always nice hearing from you. Please feel free to send me anything that may be of interest. It's Friday isn't it? Happy Friday!