Sony reveals strategy for HDCAM SR

Sony reveals strategy for HDCAM SR

Nov 25, 2009

“Today, we have shown the power of a total HDCAM SR solution as well as a future-proofed roadmap that offers a path to 4K and 3D native recording. It doesn’t get any better.”


There's a lot happening in this announcement. First off, Sony is very committed to the future of both the single piece SRW-9000 camcorder and the HDCAM SR recording format.

Give the article a peruse but here a few highlights:

-Camcorder for life: 2/3’’ or 35mm PL mount option and file-based memory upgrade path for SRW-9000.

-Open Workflow with MXF and SR Lite: Backwards compatible with HDCAM SR tape. Original transfer rates of 880 and 440 mbps as well as compressed 220 mbps SR Lite.

-SR Memory: 250 and 500 GB non-linear recording media at 6 gbps transfer rates for native 1080p 3D and 4K acquisition.

I've said 1000 times already but this is THE time to be working in this business. These seemingly daily exponential leaps in technology are nothing short of amazing.