Director of Brick speaks his mind. Incites blog wrath.

Director of Brick speaks his mind. Incites blog wrath.

This is too much. I love these polite and oh so convoluted back and forth blog wars. What's good is that real issues are addressed in specific contexts. For a camera like RED, a camera whose continued development depends on feedback from its user base, this is utterly essential. Then why is the RED community so up in arms? Who dare criticize the messiah of motion picture cameras?

I've let my thoughts on RED be well known on this blog. Having used it many times for many different applications I can say that it's an amazing camera in its price range. Is it the right tool for every job? No and to my knowledge it never claimed to be. The legions of its rabid fan base however have their own opinions which is why they're so quick to come to its defense. Johnson's article however is by no means an attack on the camera. It merely addresses the reality of how the technology works and what the real repercussions of the way it handles its data are. I think the old adage, "you don't get something for nothing", applies handily here.

Now read it cause it's great:

Part 1: Rian Johnson writes "RED FACTS". The original version of this paper, the version that solicited the first response, has been over written by this current draft.

Part 2: Chris Kenny responds on his blog in several posts.

Part 3: More from Kenny/Indie4k

Part 4: Johnson's Rebuttal

and Finally Part 5: Kenny's rebuttal to Johnson's rebuttal.