Who is this guy? 

Bennett Cain, b. 1979 Toledo, Ohio, USA

I’m a video / photo professional who after a decade working on set, shifted my professional focus to post production in order to expand my knowledge base and get a more complete picture of the entire media ecosystem. I'm now working in HBO's department of Post Delivery, Planning, and Operations. Image-making and storytelling are the backbone of all my personal and professional pursuits. 

I cut my teeth in the early days of the digital filmmaking revolution, shooting nonfiction content for the Travel Channel, Discovery Network, History Channel, VH1, and others. A little further down the road, I extended this experience into the emerging field of on-set image development, a.k.a. "DIT," contributing to the look of popular shows like HBO’s Girls, Starz’ Power, and FX’s Louie


If you were looking for the blog "NegativeSpaces," you've found it though I'm no longer using that name. The content is all still here and can be easily accessed on my Projects / Technical Writing page. 

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